Change 4 Children Inc. 
About Us
The goal of our programs is to organize collaborative efforts  to assist with positive imaging through Community Outreach, Community Uplift, and Community Transition.

Change 4 Children, Inc.


Mission Statement: Change for Children Inc. is a non-profit organization who provides residential care facilities and life skill services to juveniles. Serving as a catalyst for change within the community, our core fundamentals will focus on Reconnecting, Reimaging and Revitalizing with every child we serve. We hope to partner with the community to demonstrate, to our youth, a positive way OUT.




Programs Offered

·         Conflict Resolution Programs

·         Trade/Vocation Prep & Adult Workshops

·         ACT/SAT Prep (College Transition)

·         Resume Building Workshops

·         Tutoring Services

·         Youth Mentorship Programs & Summer Retreats

·         Farming & Obesity Camps

·         Scholarships



Tenets of Organizational Success

Outreach – Re-Connect with the youth and local business within the community to promote community awareness, unity, and a new identity.

Uplift- Inspire thought leadership and community participation that will Re-Vitalize the mindset of every citizen of the society.

Transition- Create a positive Re-Image of the core fundamentals of what the neighborhood used to be: Family- Oriented, Youth-Focused, and Crime Free.


Contact Us:

6409 S. Ashland Avenue
Chicago, IL 60636


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